Not having enough foster homes, means the animals are running out of time. Shelters send us pictures of wonderful dogs but we have to refuse because we don't have a shelter or kennels to keep them. We need YOUR HELP to give these animals some extra time. We can help find a dog that will fit in with you and your home. We can help with the necessities; a crate, a leash and collar, even a bowl and food to fill it with! We need YOU to supply a loving home for a short time.

If you are considering adopting a pet, this is the perfect trial run! You can watch an animal transform from a lonely, unwanted stray to a loving, happy and grateful pet in a wonderful permanent home- be it your home or some other special home. If you want to feel you are making a difference, save a life! While we may not be able to save them all ... with YOUR help, we can save one more.

Please complete the following application and send to